2018 Steatoda bipunctata

Spider of the year 2018

Rabbit Hutch Spider

Steatoda bipunctata (Linnaeus, 1758)

Steatoda bipunctata

Steatoda bipunctata


The Rabbit Hutch Spider, Steatoda bipunctata (Linnaeus, 1758), belongs to the cobweb spider family (= comb-footed spiders, Theridiidae). Worldwide, this family has 2,487 species of which 228 live in Europe. The genus Steatoda is represented by 13 species in Europe, six of which can be found in Central Europe. The Rabbit Hutch Spider is found in all European countries. Its vertical distribution is mostly from lowlands to rolling hills (up to about 800 m above sea level), although there are records up to 2,ooo m in the Alps for example. As a web-builder the species is mostly found in or on buildings, for example under window ledges. The Rabbit Hutch Spider belongs to the less picky species and can even survive in quite dry rooms. As the name implies rabbit hutches often make a suitable habitat as well. However, they are also found outdoors, mostly in gardens, bushes and walls – especially under tree bark – in rock crevices or under stones. In places they can be quite common and the species is not regarded as endangered.


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