Spider Biodiversity Research

European Year of Spider Biodiversity Research

From 2014 on, the Society declares at 2 year intervals focal years of biodiversity research of or for a country or region. This is done upon application to the ESA council and should be characterized by some specific effort, scientific cooperation and/or a granted research project. Currently, the Society cannot provide financial support, but it offers a platform to advertise such a European Year of Spider Biodiversity Research which may help to promote specific projects.

2016/17 –¬†Open call

Send your application for 2016/17 to the President of ESA as soon as possible.

2014/15 – Greece

In 2014/15, the first European Year of Spider Biodiversity Research is devoted to Greece, one of the most important biodiversity hotspots of Europe. We ask all interested arachnologists to perform collections in Greece, share material, contribute new records, and help with identifications. For further information, please see the project description (PDF) or contact Maria Chatzaki (maria.chatzaki(a)gmail.com).