2021 Ero furcata

Spider of the year 2021

Two-humped pirate spider

Ero furcata (Villers, 1789)

Ero furcata

Ero furcata


The two-humped pirate spider, Ero furcata (Villers, 1789), belongs to the similarly named family of the pirate spiders (Mimetidae). Worldwide this spider family has 154 species. Ten species are known from Europe, nine of which are listed under the genus Ero. As well as Ero furcata, three further species in this genus are primarily distributed in Central Europe: Ero alphana (Walckenaer, 1802), E. cambridgei Kulczyński, 1991 und E. tuberculata (De Geer, 1778).

The two-humped pirate spider is distributed across the Palaearctic region. In Central Europe it is mostly restricted to plains and foothills (up to 800 m altitude), but in montane regions it can extend to 1,500 m. In Austria there are even records from scree slopes up to 2,000 m above sea level. You can find the pirate spider in natural settings, typically on the floor of different forest types, but also in the lower (and sometime middle) trunk region of trees. Otherwise, they are found at the edges of forests, in bushes and warm localities. The two-humped pirate spider is not considered endangered.


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