33rd European Congress of Arachnology
Saint Malo, France
Organizer: Julien Pétillon


32nd European Congress of Arachnology

Virtual meeting, 23.-25. August 2021

Given the world-wide development in the COVID-19 situation, the Organising Committee in consultation with the ESA council has decided to host the ECA 2021 as a virtual meeting. For more information see 2021 Conference Homepage.

Organizers: Gabriele Uhl, Peter Michalik (Greifswald, Germany)



31st European Congress of Arachnology

Vác, Hungary, 08–13 July 2018
Organizers: Ferenc Samu, Csaba Szinetár, Tamás Szüts

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30th  European Congress of Arachnology

30_logoNottingham, United Kingdom, 20–25 August 2017
Organizer: Sara Goodacre

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29th  European Congress of Arachnology

29_logoBrno, Czech Republic, 24–28 August 2015
Organizer: Stano Pekar

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28th European Congress of Arachnology

28_logoTorino, Italy, 24–29 August 2014
Organizer: Marco Isaia

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27th European Congress of Arachnology

27_logoLjubljana, Slovenia, 2–7 September 2012
Organizer: Matjaž Kuntner

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26th European Congress of Arachnology

26_logoSede Boqer, Israel, 4–8 September 2011
Organizers: Yael Lubin, Efrat Gavish-Regev

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25th European Congress of Arachnology

25_logoAlexandroupolis, Greece, 16–21 August 2009
Organizers: Maria Chatzaki, Iasmi Stathi, Katerina Spiridopoulou

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24th European Congress of Arachnology

24_logoBern, Switzerland, 25–29 August 2008
Organizers: Christian Kropf, Martin Schmidt, Wolfgang Nentwig

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23rd European Colloquium of Arachnology

23_logoSitges, Spain, 4–8 September 2006
Organizers: Carles Ribera, Miquel A. Arnedo

Congress photo


22nd European Colloquium of Arachnology

22_logoBlagoevgrad, Bulgaria, 1–6 August 2005
Organizer: Christo Deltshev

Congress photo


21st European Colloquium of Arachnology

21_logoSt. Petersburg, Russia, 4–9 August 2003
Organizer: Vladilen E. Kipyatkov

Congress photo


20th European Colloquium of Arachnology

20_logoSzombathely, Hungary, 22–26 July 2002
Organizers: Ferenc Samu, Csaba Szinetár

Congress photo


19th European Colloquium of Arachnology

19_logoÅrhus, Denmark, 17–22 July 2000
Organizer: Søren Toft

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18th European Colloquium of Arachnology

18_logoStará Lesná, Slovakia, 14–15 July 1999
Organizers: Peter Gajdoš, Stano Pekár

Congress photo


17th European Colloquium of Arachnology

17_logoEdinburgh, Scotland, 14–18 July 1997
Organizer: Peter Merrett

Congress photo


16th European Colloquium of Arachnology

16_logoSiedlce, Poland, 8–13 July 1996
Organizer: Marek Żabka

Congress photo


15th European Colloquium of Arachnology

15_logoČeské Budějovice, Czech Republic, 11–15 July 1994
Organizer: Vlastimil Růžička.

Congress photo


XIVème Colloque Européen d’Arachnologie

14_logoCatania, Italy, 23–27 August 1993
Organizer: Teresa Cantarella

Congress photo


XIIIème Colloque Européen d’Arachnologie

13_logoNeuchâtel, Switzerland, 2–6 September 1991
Organizer: Pierre-Alain Fürst

Congress photo


XIIème Colloque Européen d’Arachnologie

12_logoParis, France, 2–4 July 1990
Organizers: Marie-Louise Célérier, Jacqueline Heurtault, Christine Rollard

Congress photo


XI. Europäisches Arachnologisches Colloquium

11_logoBerlin, Germany, 28 August–2 September 1988
Organizer: Joachim Haupt

Congress photo


Xème Colloque Européen d’Arachnologie

10_logoRennes, France, 29 June–4 July 1987
Organizer: Alain Canard



IXème Colloque Européen d’Arachnologie

09_logoBrussels, Belgium, 2–5 September 1985
Organizer: Léon Baert

Congress photo


VIIIème Colloque d’Arachnologie (Colloque international européen)

08_logoMoulis, France, 3–5 September 1984
Organizers: Christian Juberthie, L. Juberthie-Jupeau



VIIème Colloque d’Arachnologie (Colloque international européen)

07_logoNancy, France, 1–4 September 1982
Organizers: Bertrand Krafft, Raymond Leborgne, Chantal Roland

Congress photo


VIème Colloque d’Arachnologie d’expression française – Colloque international européen

06_logoModena, Italy, 28 August–1 September 1981
Organizer: Paolo Tongiorgi



Vème Colloque d’Arachnologie d’expression française

05_logoBarcelona, Spain, 4–6 September 1979
Organizer: Maria Rambla



Quatrième Colloque d’Arachnologie d’expression française

04_logoAvignon, France, 13–15 September 1978
Organizer: Jean-Claude Ledoux

Congress photo


Troisième Réunion des Arachnologistes d’expression française

03_logoLes Eyzies, France, 20–22 September 1976
Organizer: Roger Darchen



Deuxième Réunion des Arachnologistes d’expression française

02_logoMontpellier, France, 1–3 June 1973
Organizers: Roland Legendre, Michel Emerit

Congress photo


Première Réunion des Arachnologistes d’expression française

Strasbourg, France, 25–27 May 1972
Organizer: Bertrand Krafft